Six Sigma Green Belt

Key Features


The Six Sigma Green Belt is a globally recognised elimentary level professional certification awarded by the Six Sigma Study/International Association of Six Sigma Certification (IASSC), USA in the field of Quality Management. The exam is based upon the Six Sigma Study training guide. A Six Sigma Green Belt Certified professional is believed to have a standardized approach to various Six Sigma tools and techniques so as to improve the production process and minimise the defects at the end of the process.

Skills Covered


  • MODULE 1: Introduction
  • MODULE 2: Stakeholders, Customers and Financial Measures
  • MODULE 3: Setting up and managing a Six Sigma Project
  • MODULE 4: Define
  • MODULE 5: Measure
  • MODULE 6: Analyze
  • MODULE 7: Improve
  • MODULE 8: Control

Exam Details